bicycle saddle bag

13 Best Bicycle Saddle Bags

So, you’ve just come careering down a steep mountain track, taken a huge impact, and now you’re on the phone to your buddy asking him to come fetch you from, um… the middle of nowhere, all the while watching your tire slowly deflate because you don’t have a saddle bag to carry the necessary repair …

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best rim tape

6 Best Rim Tape Options

What is The Best Rim Tape?  Bicycle rim tape is typically heavy duty in nature and is usually made from cloth, PVC or nylon. And no, it’s not duct tape.  As the name suggests, it is placed around the rim of the bicycle wheel. It’s used to protect your inner tube from being punctured by your spokes …

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bike water bottles

The 12 Best Bike Water Bottles

So, you’ve just endured an awesome but gruelling ride, wrangling for what felt like hours with uphill climbs, downhill sprints, and all the bumps, sweating and cramps in between that come with cycling. You thirstily grab your water bottle, only to take a huge gulp of warm, plastic tasting, BPA tainted water. Not fun, not …

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best headphones for cycling

The 9 Best Headphones For Cycling

Why would you want the best headphones for cycling? Well, name one thing better than cruising on your bicycle; the breeze whooshing past your helmet and your favorite music playing in your ears. Bet you can’t! Many cyclists claim that listening to music while cycling not only provides entertainment and spices up the ride, but it …

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best mtb grips

5 Best MTB Grips

Having a good pair of the best MTB Grips will ensure your ride is awesome. Your hands are one of the three places your body makes contact with your bike, so being able to grip your bars comfortably for the duration of your ride is of optimum importance. Let’s talk about choosing the best MTB …

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