How To Measure BMX Handlebars

How To measure BMX Handlebars

How to measure BMX handlebars is one of the most overlooked factors that can either make or break your riding experience. Size doesn’t matter? Well – whoever told you that, has clearly never attempted a bar spin in mid-air on a BMX bike. Choosing the incorrect measurements, material and strengthening processes of handlebars could result in a not-so-comfortable …

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How To Tailwhip BMX


What Is a BMX tailwhip? Now that you know about BMX, as well as know about some of the beginner/easy tricks; if you’ve been bitten by the BMX bug, you’ll probably be fiending to learn some new tricks. If you’re not too familiar to the BMX scene or are new to the sport and wanting to learn some nifty beginner tricks, …

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What is Cross Country Mountain Biking

Cross Country Mountain Biking

While our previous article on What Is BMX talked about just that, this article will dive deep on exactly what Cross Country Mountain Biking is, or XC MTB for short. So, What Is Cross Country Mountain Biking? As the name may suggest, XC mountain biking more encompasses the distance travelled on the bike, as opposed …

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What Is BMX

what is bmx

Road cyclists and mountain bike riders, watch your heads because there are BMX riders flying overhead. All jokes aside, in this article we’re diving deep into BMX bike riding; it’s long history, what it’s all about and what makes it so popular amongst adrenaline junkies. So, strap your pads and helmets up, and let’s launch …

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How To Install A Bike Chain Tensioner on a BMX

Bike Chain Tensioner

A bike chain tensioner keeps your chain aligned and tight. It also keeps the rear wheel from sliding forward and as a result, reducing the chain tension. A bike chain tensioner will keep your rear wheel aligned and in place. It also maintains the right tension in your chain, which is what you want if …

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How To Schralp

how to schralp

Learning how to schralp is fun. Everyone loves an awesome schralp(or roost)…except maybe trail builders. Well definitely trail builders! They hate schralping, and for good reason.  Not only do schralps make you look cool, it makes you look like you’re going fast and the spray of dirt behind you looks super impressive! It’s also one …

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Mountain Bike Maintenance

mountain bike maintenance

The Importance of Mountain Bike Maintenance When owning a Mountain bike these days; especially a high-end mountain bike variant as is most commonly used these days, it isn’t a farce that your bike could have set you back a similar amount if not more than your car!  Now, when it comes to your motor vehicle, …

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5 Easy Jump Tricks For Beginners

5 easy jump tricks for beginners

These 5 easy jump tricks are quick to learn if you follow the instructions in this article. When it comes to jumping and performing tricks on a bike, it is different to every rider.  Some people can learn and do the tricks on their first attempt, and for other people it can take months to …

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