What Does Bike Tire TPI Mean

what is bike tire tpi

What Does Bike Tire TPI Mean Bike Tire TPI stands for Threads Per Inch. This is the thickness of the thread and the number of times the nylon thread in the side wall of the tire crosses one square inch of the tire casing. Tires are such an important part of your bike, and often, …

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Is Mountain Biking Dangerous?

is mountain biking dangerous

Is Mountain Biking Dangerous? The short answer? Yes. Mountain Biking is an extreme sport and is inherently dangerous. Some would argue mountain biking is less dangerous as the rider is in control, and unlike the case of road biking there are less externalities such as cars to worry about. However, the terrain is grueling and …

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When To Replace Mountain Bike Tires

when to change mountain bike tires

Mountain bike tires are not cheap so it’s important that you know when it’s the right time to invest into some new rubber. Tires are one of the most important parts of a bike and they play a big part in keeping the rider safe, giving them comfort and also speed when riding. Tires on …

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Mountain Bike Terms

mountain bike terms

There are hundreds of Mountain Bike terms and slang words to learn. These slang words have been created and formed from many different sports and types of Mountain Biking. These phrases are used all over the world in different bike parks and tracks. A Guide To Mountain Bike Terms-Learning The Lingo A to Z Numbers: …

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Bar Ends

mountain bike bar ends

Bar ends are extensions that attach to your handle bars on your bicycle. There are different types of bike bar ends that you can get, for example slide on ends, which will attach to your bars, but can be removed quickly and easily.  Types Of Bar Ends There are also bolt on versions. This type …

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Bike Chain Skips When Pedaling Hard

bike chain keeps falling off

Of all the possible issues that could occur when out for a ride, anything to do with the drivetrain tends to terrify cyclists the most.  A flat tire is easy enough to diagnose and fix, but what happens when it comes to your bike chain skipping between gears while you’re riding, or shifting twice instead …

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BMX VS Mountain Bike

bmx bike vs mountain bike

Fundamentally as a community, we are united by the fact that we have a passion for riding a frame on two wheels. However, within this community, are massively different configurated frames on wheels for massively varying riding styles and niches. Road vs Touring vs BMX vs Mountain Bikes, the list goes on. Mountain Bike or …

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How To Whip A Mountain Bike In 5 Easy Steps

whipping a mountain bike

Want to learn how to whip a mountain bike? Throwing a whip is an extremely stylish and popular way of riding a jump. Whipping isn’t only for the looks though, riders also use whipping to set up for the landing. If a rider has jumped towards the edge of the track because of wind or …

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