The 14 Best Bike Torque Wrenches

Torque Wrench for bike

Don’t worry if you dozed off throughout high school physics, here is a crash course. Torque is defined as a measure of force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis.  Putting two and two together, a torque wrench is used to apply a specific torque- or turning force- to a bolt, nut …

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BMX VS Mountain Bike

bmx bike vs mountain bike

Fundamentally as a community, we are united by the fact that we have a passion for riding a frame on two wheels. However, within this community, are massively different configurated frames on wheels for massively varying riding styles and niches. Road vs Touring vs BMX vs Mountain Bikes, the list goes on. Mountain Bike or …

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The 12 Best Bike Water Bottles

bike water bottles

So, you’ve just endured an awesome but grueling ride, wrangling for what felt like hours with uphill climbs, downhill sprints, and all the bumps, sweating and cramps in between that come with cycling. You thirstily grab your water bottle, only to take a huge gulp of warm, plastic tasting, BPA tainted water. Not fun, not …

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How To Whip A Mountain Bike In 5 Easy Steps

whipping a mountain bike

Want to learn how to whip a mountain bike? Throwing a whip is an extremely stylish and popular way of riding a jump. Whipping isn’t only for the looks though, riders also use whipping to set up for the landing. If a rider has jumped towards the edge of the track because of wind or …

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The 9 Best Headphones For Cycling

best headphones for cycling

Why would you want the best headphones for cycling? Well, name one thing better than cruising on your bicycle; the breeze whooshing past your helmet and your favorite music playing in your ears. Bet you can’t! Many cyclists claim that listening to music while cycling not only provides entertainment and spices up the ride, but …

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Mountain Bike Handlebar Width: How Wide And Why?

mountain bike handlebar width fit

Mountain bike handlebar width is one of the most important factors to consider and, getting it wrong may change your entire ride quality significantly. You’ve heard the age old saying, “Look mom, no hands!” Well, while we don’t recommend this, we especially don’t recommend riding with the incorrect mountain bike handlebars, because you may as …

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Arm Pump: 4 Easy Ways To Fix It

what is arm pump

If you’ve been a cyclist for some time now, then you’re all too familiar with the effects of arm pump. This is perhaps one of the most dreaded instances for riders, especially when their grip begins to fade.  Then follows the swelling, the pain, the markings, and the insurmountable tightness. Although difficult to deal with, …

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5 Best MTB Grips

best mtb grips

Having a good pair of the best MTB Grips will ensure your ride is awesome. Your hands are one of the three places your body makes contact with your bike, so being able to grip your bars comfortably for the duration of your ride is of optimum importance. Let’s talk about choosing the best MTB …

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